The Compound GmbH in Kehl am Rhein is a company of the Künemund group. The company manufactures roller bearings with solid lubricants which guarantee long maintenance-free service life even under extreme conditions.

The main areas

The Compound GmbH is a reliable partner of companies which utilize roller bearings under extreme operating conditions. The production focuses on roller bearings with solid lubricant suitable for temperatures above 200°C and roller bearings with special lubricants.

The products

 High temperature roller bearings with solid lubricants
 Roller bearings for extreme operating conditions
 Roller bearings with special lubricant
 Roller bearing coatings

The areas of application

 Steel industry
 Vacuum technology
 Ceramic and glass industry

How to find us - Compound

Compound GmbH Hochtemperatur Wälzlager
Max-Planck-Straße 6
77694 Kehl am Rhein

General Manager
Dr. Torsten Linßen
Freiburg Local Court
HRB 371192
Tax ID DE129378076


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