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Seals and piston rings

Here you will find an overview of our delivery program of seals and piston rings. You cannot find the product your are looking for? Then please contact us, we look forward to helping you.

Mechanical seals   Axial seal, various designs available.
    Slip rings made of metal, carbon, various ceramics and PTFE.
    Hard-hard pairing for general applications.
    Hard-soft pairing for improved emergency operating features.
    For shaft diameters up to 630mm..
    For pressures up to 0.01bar to 300bar.
    Temperature range from -200°C to +450°C.
    Sliding speeds up to 150 m/s.
Künemund Dichtungstechnik
Tecoflon shaft seals   Shaft seals made of PTFE or PTFE compounds.
    Single and multi-lip.
    Due to FDA-approved materials suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.
    Temperature range from -200°C to 250°C.
    Sliding speeds up to 25 m/s possible.
    Pressure resistance up to 14bar (depending on temperature).
    Can be produced from 6mm to 800mm shaft diameter.
    High chemical resistance.
Labyrinth seals   Labyrinth seals made of metal, applicable up to 170°C.
    Labyrinth seals made of plastic, applicable up to 60°C.
    Shaft diameter from 8mm to 210mm.
    Suitable for highest speeds.
    No running in, no wear.
    No additional heating.
    Sealing effect independent of direction of rotation.
    Hardening and grinding of raceways not required.
    Lubrication or maintenance not required.
Federal Mogul (Goetze)
Mechanical face seals   Consisting of metal rings with elastomer suspension.
    For extreme ambient conditions such as mineral dusts and sludge.
    Applicable up to 200°C depending on the elastomer.
    Available up to 830mm inner diameter.
    On request special designs are also available.
Federal Mogul (Goetze) piston rings
  Compression rings
    Scraper rings (Napier rings)
    Oil scraper rings
    Special lapping for short running in period.
    Also available with hard chrome plating.
    Various types of surface treatment and coating possible.
    External or internal clamping.
    All common types of joint possible (straight, hooked, overlapping etc.).
Other seals/sealing systems
    Radial shaft seals
    Axial sealing rings
    X- and O-rings or cords
    U-ring seals
    NILOS rings
    Rubber and fabric seals
    Piston and rod seals
    Sealing system packings
    Support rings
    Chevron seals
    Conical roller bearing seals (retrofit)
    Special seals

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